Don't download pirated software! Ever!Don't download pirated software! Ever! This video from panda labs show how easy it is for the bad guys to tag malware or a virus on to legitimate (but cracked/pirated) software that is then often released on P2P networks for download. How...


20 years of the EFF20 years of the EFF The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has created a Surveillance Self-Defense site to educate the American public about the law and technology of government surveillance in the United States, providing...


Adventures with BackTrack 4Adventures with BackTrack 4 BackTrack 4 is filled with awesome security utilities. So what have we done so far ... well not too much - we've downloaded the 1.6Gb ISO image and successfully created a DVD from the ISO. This DVD...


Norton flags nearly everything as suspicious !Norton flags nearly everything as suspicious ! We've used Norton's (Symantec) Security Suite for many years and found it to be reliable and trap most everything. It has on the odd year, seemed to slow down low memory systems, but since 2009 this...


Encrypt Your Emails - Free Online ServiceEncrypt Your Emails - Free Online Service You can use this free service to encrypt your email text messages. No information is passed across the internet until you have encrypted the message. The encryption happens within your browser and...



DSS Site Hacked

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The Desktop Security Software site was hacked on 4th October 2010 at 07:53.

Not completely sure how yet – suspect some sort of WordPress hack attack.

php entries were added to re-direct to a rogue site heavy with malware that created pop-up’s alleging virus’s on the machine in use. And no doubt a massive payload of nasty stuff to follow.

This site helped if you find yourself in the same situation –

UFOs Real or Not?

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Real UFOs?

Probably Not -

Adventures with BackTrack 4

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BackTrack 4 is filled with awesome security utilities.

So what have we done so far … well not too much – we’ve downloaded the 1.6Gb ISO image and successfully created a DVD from the ISO.

This DVD has been used to successfully boot up into ubuntu linux and we’ve started the gui using startx. So far, so great, but now we’ve run into some trouble. The /etc/init.d/networking start command in the console just reveals a massive list of network cards not found. Just get a list of errors – so can’t load the preloaded Firefox browser or any of the networking security tools. Urgh.

Not sure what to do next … google is our friend .. let’s see :-) More adventures with BT4 soon.


Doh! Just realised we were trying to start wired network services on a wireless serviced laptop!

Anyway, once the wireless services (wicd) started, we were in business.

So far using BT4, with relative ease, we have removed Windows adminstrator passwords and cracked a wireless network secured by WEP.  It took about an hour to do this, to read the examples and, well basically follow the provided instructions.

So lessons learned – Windows user account passwords are better than nothing – you should use them, BUT to anyone reasonably up for BT4, they prove to be easily bypassed.

What else? Well it’s absolutely certain that WEP is dead as an encryption mechanism for wireless routers. Again though – it is better than nothing – but don’t rely on it if you have a better option.

More to follow in another edit – barely scratched the surface with what BT4 can do by the look!

Great site showing lack of DLP processes and software

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The Office of Inadequate Security catelogues the massive and significant amount of data loss that is continuing to occur with the latest being 79,000 employee details missing from AMR (parent company of American Airlines)

Junior code breakers in the making

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The US NSA get in early … and why not, codes, ciphers and puzzles are great and challenge the mind :)

See the Code Kids site.

Shareware goes Software

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The well respected Association of Shareware Professionals has changed its name – moved with the times – to the Association of Software Professionals.

Tech Bubble Song – We Love This!

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Investigating ISO 27001

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We’re currently investigating Information Security Standards, some links for us to come back to …

A seemingly, so far, good ISO site with good community content, with a lot of free 27k tools

Fix common Windows issues quickly

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Try The Windows Club

We haven’t looked at any or all of these yet.


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